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We specialize in mold inspection, mold testing, and mold remediation through out West Palm Beach.

We are Value Booster Crew. We are fully licensed microbial consultants, are insured and accredited. We are specialized in finding the causes of problems related to mold and mildew, harmful chemicals (VOC’s), formaldehyde and other indoor air quality problems. Using state of the art technology, we can accurately determine the presence, type, and source of mold. Once your mold inspection and mold testing is complete, we have a comprehensive report with appropriate follow-up solutions.

We include qualified indoor air quality appraisals of residences, office buildings, industrial facilities, worship houses, yachts, and more. If you have some sort of facility you think might have a mold problem, we’re here to help.

We are West Palm Beach top experts on molding. If you need positive microbial guidance, a mold test, or have any questions about mold, call us today

Water Damage Repairs in West Palm Beach

Why Choose Value Booster Crew For your Water Damage Repairs?

We offer rapid, accurate and cost-effective repair assessments of properties that enable home owners, business owners, and condominium associations to make informed decisions on courses of action for repairing time tables, reserve accounts, assessments, insurance claims, and other matters involving actual repair / replacement costs.

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