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We run many full time mobile cleaning units during the day to support Southeast Florida. We proudly serve the entire area of West Palm Beach, Lake Worth and Boca Raton. Our pressure washing experts specialize in and study outdoor cleaning as a whole, and we can be confident that you will have the most efficient and thorough cleaning experience. We do so because we want to make sure that your experience with the Value Booster crew is satisfactory beyond comprehension. We understand that everything we clean is eventually going to get dirty again. That said, our mission is to leave you so impressed with our first visit that you are practically jumping out of your seat to call us back and to recommend us to your friends!
  • House Power Washing: It’s no secret that the shimmering weather and humidity in Florida make it the perfect breeding ground for both algae and mold growing outside of your home. And as part of the daily maintenance, it’s a must you use Pressure Wash Your Home Outside. Value Booster Crew Pressure Washing uses only low-pressure “soft-washing” methods to scrub the house under water, thanks to the latest innovations in the cleaning industry. This is especially important when water is washed over the roof. In this way, we can ensure that the mold and algae are removed more thoroughly without external damage due to high pressure water. The cleaning methods and detergents will easily restore to their original beauty stucco, concrete, hardiplank, vinyl, aluminium and more.
  • Residential Roof Cleaning: Like the walls of houses, roofs are inevitably vulnerable to spores of mold falling on them and spreading to cover the whole roof until black streaks and stains. Our low-pressure roof cleaning methods can treat and eliminate any on-roof mold spores without damaging the shingles on the roof. Your roof will revert to its original condition that would prohibit you from purchasing a new roof. Oh, saving you potentially thousands of dollars.
  • Driveway / Sidewalk Power Washing: Determining that keeping clean is important when you consider the fact that your driveway takes up half your front yard is a fairly easy decision. Our specialists in pressure washing and state-of – the-art equipment work together to create the most time-efficient path to a clean driveway!
  • Gutter Cleaning:If you have a property with trees in the yard, stuffed gutters can be a problem for you each year. Stuffed gutters can cause many problems for innocent homeowners. Clogged gutters and downspouts in the eaves and soffits near your roofline can cause rotting wood, create a mosquito breeding ground and damage the integrity of your roof system. Our pressure washing specialists can effectively eliminate all the debris from both your gutters and downspouts while maintaining a clear route for optimal rainwater flow. We make sure to jet through and every downspout to ensure sufficient drainage for the gutter network.
  • Window Cleaning: You can expect to see other benefits when it comes to washing windows, so you and your family will reap. You will live in a happier environment other than a caring set of freshly washed and brand- windows.

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