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Interior House Painting Services in Lake Worth

When it comes to painting your home’s interiors you need to work professionally. Your home deserves a high-quality service and impeccable finish, whether it is a full house remodeling or a new accent wall. Our Value Booster Crew Painters, indoor house painting services deliver a quick, safe and meticulous indoor painting job that will make the overall look and effect of your home a world of difference. With years of experience in indoor painting, our painting crews know exactly what to do to get the job done quickly and to a high quality output.
  • Color Selection: You’ll need to choose your color before we begin. When you want to match a color on your wall already, you can use an old can of paint as a guide, or you can take a chip to the paint store. Using our visualizer software, we can help you recognize the color, finish and type of paint, and we can also provide a Color Consulting Service if you need assistance when making a decision.
  • Protect the Area: We cover furniture and floors with a new, clean piece of plastic protective sheeting. We also cover your floors with drop cloths, ensuring every inch of your room is covered.
  • Prepare surfaces:Our paint staff prepares interior painting walls by covering any holes or cracks in the ceilings and walls, removing any stains, and sanding any rough surfaces, such as loose or rusty paint. This provides the smooth, clean canvas needed to achieve perfect finish.
  • Apply New Paint: After all areas have been patched in the preceding process, we apply a uniform finish to high quality paints. There are a range of finishing options, including smooth, matte, egg shell, satin, semi- and high-, and we’ll move forward for each of you to make an informed choice. Based on the size of the mission, time will vary, but we will always make sure we work as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Clean Up: The paint is usually dry in a few hours, so you don’t need to vacate the house as it happens. The team removes all the painting equipment and coatings. We wash the floors and carpets and put them back exactly as we find them, while at the same time paying careful attention to doing a good job cleaning up the work area.
  • Walk Through Inspection: After our own review, our Job Site Boss will walk you around the room giving you the opportunity to observe our work and provide initial feedback. You will also be contacted to conduct a follow-up survey on satisfaction, so we know if we have achieved your expectations. The paint jobs are designed to last for up to 7 years on a properly maintained surface, so you can enjoy your beautiful, freshly painted room for years to come.

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