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Ugly parking lot? Not a place to store all of your decorations for Christmas? We just do it! From custom built Beautiful Garage Floors to Garage Cabinet Systems, Overhead Storage Racks and much more. Value Booster Crew Services plans, designs, and turns ordinary garage spaces into open, usable, multifunctional areas that the entire family can enjoy.


You too should be proud of having an easy to clean Garage! Does your garage flooring include streaks, holes, oil stains and other unsightly flaws? Value Booster Crew are specialized in floor coverings for residential garages. Our high-performance floor covering system turns unsightly, rough, and porous concrete floors into long-lasting, smooth, and beautiful garage floors that won’t break down, peel or fade. Our garage flooring techniques can cover virtually all imperfections of existing floors.


Tired of seeing all the things at your garage? Our Signature Series Garage Cabinets will should cover it all. We can create a storage room with many colors to choose from and over 30 sizes that will not only suit your specific needs, but will add charm and elegance to your home. Our garage cabinets are hard-wearing, robust, and made to last. Our cabinets not only look fantastic in garages, they’ve been built around West Palm Beach in showrooms, stores, and businesses.


If there is insufficient storage space in your garage look up. Most garages have the ceiling space “underused,” ideal for Overhead Storage Racks. — rack comfortably holds 600 pounds, so all those holiday storage boxes and larger products have a place to stay, off the floor and out of the way. We hold a line of garage shelves that are connected directly to the wall in the case of smaller garages or restricted spaces. For most installations, bike racks and wall systems are available too.

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