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Tips to keep your garage or shed cool in summer heat

Don’t let the heat deter you from making the most of your garage or shed! There are also functional ways to keep sheds secure in the garages and outdoor storage. Holding the temperature rates down not only makes it more comfortable to use these rooms, it can also help avoid issues like rusted equipment and rotting lumber.

Growing ventilation. Rising airflow in the garage or hanging ranks at the top of the shed cooling tips during the summer months. This can be done by opening the garage door about a foot, or by opening the shed door completely and turning on one or two fans to circulate air. Installing vents into the roof or gable wall will allow hot air to escape from the upper or attic. The addition of a powered exhaust fan will speed up the refrigeration cycle.

Insulating applied. Adding insulation to walls and ceilings is an effective step in staving off summer heat and maintaining winter cold as well. To help control the temperature, the cooling of a storage shed becomes more efficient with insulation.

Radiant barrier mount. Shed roofing and wall panels to help reduce the energy from the sun that radiates through the walls. Such products are an excellent alternative to help keep the sheds and workshop interiors cooler.

Seal off weatherstripping holes. If your shed has air conditioning, one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to help keep temperatures more comfortable and lower your energy bills is to add caulk and weather stripping. Sealing holes around windows, doors and other openings can hold hot air out and refrigerate air in.

Install an awning. Installing awnings over doors and windows will minimize solar heat gain in the summer by up to 77 percent for windows facing the West and 65 percent for windows facing the East. Retract the winter awnings to prolong the awning fabric’s existence, and let passive heating in warm sunlight.

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