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Tips to help preserve the epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring can be a perfect choice for flooring food and beverage, flooring for healthcare and flooring industries. This kind of flooring has been used for decades—in reality, polymers have been used continuously for over 35 years on top of concrete. Epoxy coating with its slip-resistant and durable features is a common option for those industries that need a long-lasting, stable flooring. Epoxy is tough but not invincible.And it’s necessary to conduct routine maintenance after your flooring is installed by epoxy-coating specialists to ensure that your epoxy coating lasts as long as possible. That said, this article will offer some tips and tricks to keep your epoxy flooring intact.

  • A soft bristle broom or industrial dust mop can be used for the daily cleaning. To ensure the flooring stays clean of dirt, sweeping or moping every day is best.
  • Heavy duty cleaning is best done after any residue has been swept away. You may use a mop made of strong rubber, hot water and clear ammonia. The mixture removes any drops or stains that have found their way to the ground. Furthermore, an epoxy floor can be easily hanged down and squeeged off.
  • While choosing products for cleaning, it is important to note that no products containing acids or cleaners based on soap are used. Such cleaning items will leave a residue on the flooring which will make it slippery when it is wet.
  • Staining may involve light scrubbing with a brush. Epoxy coating specialists do not consider using abrasive materials on the flooring.
  • To minimize damage from shoes caused by snow or water, welcome mats should be put in front of any doors inside the building. In addition, winter compounds for “pretreatment” will leave a hazy film on the flooring. Hot water and a deck brush will be used to clean this, and further rinsing should prevent the compounds from settling onto the concrete.
  • When continually dragged or put at the same location, heavy machinery will damage the flooring over time. Because of this, it is important to ensure that all areas are clean before heavy loads with rolling jacks are lifted, and remember to place pieces of plywood under jack stands when they carry heavy loads.

If you find that the shine has dimmed on your flooring, it’s most likely due to residual accumulation. Routine cleaning and maintenance will keep your floor clean, attractive and, most importantly, safe. You can also reach out to your nearest epoxy coating specialists for assistance if you have any questions or concerns.

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