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Tips for Your Next Garage Door Makeover

With the garage door attached to your Hollywood home, do you intend to change things up a bit? We are happy to inform you, as your local garage door service, about the benefits of upgrading your door. How you do make improvements often depends on why you want them to be made. You might not like the way your current door looks or you may want it to be a little more practical.

No matter what the case might be, if you want to make your next garage door makeover a good one, there are a few things we recommend. Remember that elegance and durability will still go hand in hand so make sure you can always appreciate your garage door for many years to come, no matter what improvements you make. It is wood vs. steel that is the first big decision.

Wood vs. Steel:  The first thing on your list of makeover

Your garage door look hinges quite a bit on the material being used, and there are a variety of different styles. Types of garage doors most commonly seen on the market include:

  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Steel

Fiberglass is often more costly than most other consumer choices, as it is more durable and needs less visits from a garage door repair service, but steel is also a great choice. Steel and fiberglass can also have an effect and ultimately need very little maintenance making them a good alternative for modern homes. Many homeowners, however, tend to take it to a more artistic level, and this is where wood enters. Wood garage doors look amazing and are ideal for homeowners chasing the elegance of the old country.

Make A Choice: Windows or No Windows

With the addition of mirrors, your garage door has the ability to look spectacular but this is, of course, optional. Windows range from rectangles to arches in several different shapes and sizes, and while it’s a wonderful idea, there are a few things you want to look out for. One example would be a minor lack of privacy as windows allow passengers to see through your garage door at any given time and see what’s inside. Additionally, you might feel a loss of energy because the glass is a conductive material, or it might get too hot inside your garage.You can remedy all of this with window tinting, which is a perfect way to make a window door look good while improving its efficiency, from keeping prying eyes out of your garage to reducing heat conductions.

R-Value Garage Door: Increasing the energy efficiency

If a full replacement involves part of your garage door makeover, you can find the R-Value of the unit which is the thermal output. A higher R-Value will make your door thermally more effective which means your garage will stay cooler during hot summer days. Aside from convenience, you’ll also find that it reduces the street noise level, making your garage a secluded, quiet place no matter where you’re in your neighbourhood. Its possibilities include:

  • Steel – This classic style of garage door has the highest insulation value while being the most durable material.
  • Wood – While wood is a good choice for your garage door, it has a far lower insulation value, so choose carefully and only use this option if you know how to make up for it.
  • Glass – Glass garage doors are a perfect alternative for a modern look, but they also have a lower value for insulation. Fortunately, optional insulated glass panels will minimize this.

As with the rest of your house, you’ve got plenty of choices to make when it comes to your garage door. Your garage door will redefine the exterior look and sound of your house, from the way it looks to how it functions, and much more. For more info, call us, your garage door service, and let us help you with your ultimate garage door makeover, from windows to insulation and far beyond. Join us next week with our next simple question: Can you mount single garage door panels?

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