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Guide: How to Choose a Epoxy Flooring Contractor

Finding the Best Epoxy Floor Contractor

Our Epoxy Flooring Contractor Guide is essential if you are looking to hire the best contractor for your epoxy floor coating project. Important investment as such requires on-the-go research. The growing trend in decorative flooring has led to an increase in the number of flooring contractors performing this intricate service. However, many new companies do not have the training and experience of longevity in business. After 30 years in the concrete flooring industry, Creative Maintenance Solutions has a consistent and proven record of success. We want to share our knowledge with you to help you make an informed selection. Let us take you through our “Guide: How to Choose a Epoxy Flooring Contractor”

What is a reputable contractor?

Before we proceed into our checklist, we want you to understand the characteristics of a reputable epoxy floor contractor. Trustworthy concrete flooring professionals will guide you through the entire process. They explain the differences in materials, including chemical makeup and reaction, quality and cost of each option. Describes the detailed application process from surface preparation to curing time. Efficient epoxy experts will inform you about aftercare and long-term maintenance of concrete flooring.

What kind of questions should you ask?

Are you both licensed and insured?

Whether you consider yourself a sole owner or an entire company, your contractor must be insured. The General Liability Policy protects you and them, including property damage, accidents, disasters and bodily injuries. Ask for additional coverage, such as installation and equipment policies. Ask for proof of insurance. Once you have this, if you still have questions or concerns, contact your insurance company or agent. Request information on the limitation of claims, the expiry of the policy and how to file a claim.

To confirm the license, ask the prospective contractor for their license number. Visit the website of the Department of Security and Professional Services of your country or contact them by phone to verify the license. You may also contact your local consumer protection agency for confirmation. Please do not assume that because a number is given to you, it is current or valid. Although a license may have been issued in the past, it is not always renewed and expires. Be sure to confirm that the license is the license of the contractor. After an issue, you don’t want to find out that the license is for another trade, such as plumbing or electrical.

How many years of professional experience do you have?

The internet and reality do-it-yourself show that flooring projects look less complicated than they are. When you invest in new flooring, it’s best to hire a qualified professional. Epoxy floor coverings involve a complex combination of chemicals, environmental factors and problems that arise. It’s the exact science. The more knowledge you have gained from flooring installers, the smoother your project will be. Time spent on a project, troubleshooting and quality of service by a competent contractor exceeds that of inexperienced workers.

The right epoxy flooring contractor sets out their timeline. They provide information on their current workload and how it affects your project and explain potential issues that may delay completion. Adequate preparation for your flooring project minimizes your interference with your workflow or home life. Choose a contractor who understands the nuances involved in developing a satisfactory epoxy flooring system.

What your references and reviews say to you?

Online reviews and ratings give consumers a unique view of business. We have access to complaints, concerns and compliments that have only been heard by the establishment. Keep in mind that not all of the reviews are positive. Not all reviews are complimentary, too. Weigh the positive and the negative and see how the company reacted. Was the company responding to the complaints? Has the company accepted constructive comments? Have numerous customers had the same problem? Look for reviews that provide details on employees, products and outcomes. Google, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau provide detailed information on the services they have received.

Do you have a website for a company?

While not the only thing to consider, professional websites show the credibility of the contractor. Companies that perform large-scale epoxy jobs regularly display their projects on a hosted website. Previous work photos let you see the style and quality of the company.

Professional websites tell you about the kind of business you hire. It gives you a look at their staff, their history, their association affiliations, and what kind of community involvement they have. They’re a great tool to help you decide which company is going to meet your needs. Savvy epoxy flooring companies understand the importance of being competitive on the market and proudly demonstrate their achievements.

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